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Are Short Sales Coming To An End?

Earlier this week I attended a “Case Management” hearing with one of my Short Sale Sellers.  The Seller had received a notice to appear in a room at the courthouse at 8:30 AM.  As I walked down the hall to the assigned room I noticed a large number of people outside the door.  Once closer I saw people flipping through page after page of names to determine where they were on the docket.  It was my turn to look for my Sellers’ name even though I had seen them inside the courtroom waiting.  I leafed through 13 pages of cases set for hearings the same morning, approximately 105 cases in all.  I was unable to find the Sellers’ case number on the docket so I thought I would look through the dockets posted on the room next door which was supposed to be the “pre-foreclosure” courtroom. Continue reading