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Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes – #3

Photo: HGTV's FrontDoor News

Mistake #3: Not getting a home inspection

No matter how perfect a house looks inside and out, it is very important to have a home inspection performed.  Every home has flaws and it’s own “personality”, no matter what the age and you are better off knowing about these things before you purchase the house instead of after.

The red flags in a home inspection would be structural, related to the HVAC (heating and cooling system) or roof related and may be covered under a repair clause in the contract which means the Seller will have to repair the item.  Many items which show up on a home inspection may just be minor or cosmetic.

If you use your home inspection as a maintenance guide you can be prepared for major repairs down the road by budgeting for them in advance.  Your home inspection report should provide you with a “map” of your home’s systems with years of life expectancy remaining.