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Fertilizing your lawn

At the recent GreenTrends conference held by Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) I spoke with several of the vendors, including a representative from Think About Personal Pollution (TAPP), a campaign that helps educate people on ways that small personal changes in home and yard practices can help keep local lakes, sinks and streams cleaner.  Even though the website was developed to educate residents of the Tallahassee area, the information pertains to everyone.  I  especially like their slogan “Every drop you lose, nature finds.  Slow the Flow.”

One of the articles from the  TAPP website discusses lawn fertilizers.  I learned fertilizers without phosphorus would make for greener lawns, healthier plants and lakes. Why… Continue reading

Low maintenance summer plants

With the arrival of summer and warmer weather most of our landscape plants will be stressed and possibly not survive the season.  Planting your yard with the 25 robust plants identified in this Fine Gardening article can offer a beautiful drought tolerant yard that will survive the heat this summer.  Make sure to click on the wonderful chart in this article to view the entire list of summer plants.  Read the article and find out which flowers will survive this summer… 

Credits:  Fine Gardening