JM Bok1Hi, my name is Jeannette Moore and I have been on some great journeys in my life and continue to follow interesting, new paths of education.  I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida, owner of Green Florida Properties. I began my real estate career in 1985 while working as a financial planner for a large, international brokerage firm, working with real estate investment trusts.  

In 1990, after leaving the brokerage business, flying hot air balloons and tournament fishing, I was drawn back to real estate and entered the residential real estate market in the seaside community where I lived.  I enjoyed working with buyers, sellers and staging homes I listed.

My first year in business I was named “Rookie of the Year” for a large real estate firm with 7 offices.  After 5 years of listing and selling homes, and obtaining every credential possible, I decided to take commercial real estate courses to increase my knowledge. Office buildings and warehouses were not that appealing to me so I came up with my own niche, selling bed and breakfasts inns and small hospitality properties.  What emerged was my market niche as the first person marketing and selling Bed and Breakfast Inns throughout the state. As these small hospitality properties are what I coined “resimercial”- hybrid residential/commercial properties, there were specific attributes and nuances related to these properties that needed to be understood to market and sell these properties.  I took several courses to learn the basics of inn-keeping as well as setting up a couple vacation rentals as my introduction into the “hospitality” industry.  Later I began giving seminars at B&B conferences throughout the Southeast. During this time I became known as Florida’s “Dream Inn Broker”.  In 2015 I made the decision to focus solely on my passion for energy-efficient and healthier homes and closed my B&B business.

Remembering Earth Day 1970, my green roots kept tugging at me, especially after setting up a composter, organic garden and investing in energy-efficient upgrades to my home. This meant expanding my knowledge about green building practices and sustainability in order to help Sellers and Buyers.

As the first Real Estate Broker north of Melbourne, FL to earn the NAR (National Association of Realtors) Green designation and one of the first in Florida to become a certified EcoBroker, I continued my education by attending every possible course on energy related topics.  In 2014 I became one of three NAR Instructors in Florida certified to teach the NAR GREEN Designation courses. I joined the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) and the North FL Chapter of USGBC (US Green Building Coalition) in 2008 and quickly became involved in several committees and held a Board of Directors’ position with FGBC from 2010 to 2016. 

To facilitate listing and searching for property energy features I made a proposal to the local Board of Realtors on Earth Day 2010, to add green fields to the Multiple Listing database.  The green features were added one year later, on Earth Day 2011, making my local Multiple Listing Service one of the first few in Florida to adopt these fields.  Now, working with energy conscious Buyers and Sellers is much easier and the incentive for builders is greater! 

When not listing and showing properties or teaching a class you can find me remodeling my 1950’s concrete block home in St Augustine to be as green as possible,  I hope to share things I have learned, resources, ideas and readers’ comments with those interested in joining my journey or just reading what small things you can do to be greener and healthier.

No “green-washing” here, so if you would like to work with a Real Estate Broker who is knowledgable in energy-efficient features and indoor air quality I look forward to hearing from you!  …opening doors to healthier and more affordable homes is my passion!

Jeannette Moore
Green Florida Properties